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And there were none

a criminal play by Agatha Christie

directed by Jeff Book

Ten people, each with aguilty secret, are lured to an isolated island off the Devon coast. Shortly after they arrive, a mysterious voice accuses them of murder. And then, one by one, they begin dying. Who is killing them? Where is he or she hiding? Is the murderer in fact one of them?

Sir Lawrence Wargrave - Paul Gordon
Philip Lombard - Walter Schroder
Vera Claythorne - Varvara Pomoni
General Mackenzie - David Mark
Dr. Armstrong - Mike Riepl
Emily Brent - Manuela Koehler
William Blore - Damon Bergamini
Rogers - Ian Wilkinson
Mrs. Rodgers - Roberta Alessandroni
Anthony Marston - Matt Bowmann
Fred Narracott - James Carey